Thinking of signing up for Asurion cell-phone insurance?  READ THIS FIRST

About to file a claim for your phone? READ THIS

Frustrated with a claim you filed with Asurion?  READ THIS

I was frustrated enough with Asurion with my experience that I felt this site needed to be created to organize something for frustrated customers to vent, and seek guidance and advice to make for a better experience for all, and perhaps even yield some insurance regulation enforcement as appropriate to ensure all of you consumers are treated fairly, and getting your money’s worth.

I think for some situations, this insurance is worth it, but I also think for many situations it is not.  I believe many people would be better off not spending money on it.  I encourage everyone to pay attention to the facts, ensure they are spending their money wisely, and if you do enter into a claim, I encourage you to read the tips here first.